Horse Racing

My daughter rides horses and loves competing at shows. I wondered if I could make a little horse racing game that she would enjoy…

The game I made ended up being a lot of fun not only to make but to play as well! She and I take turns seeing who can win the most money and get the most ribbons.

It was a lot of fun sitting with her to draw the horse animations on graph paper and work out what the hex codes would be for the sprites. We also played with the synth macro and envelope function to create a more trumpet-like sounding intro music to each race.

The controls are simple enough. Just toggle between pressing Z and X to use the crop and spur your horse to victory. But watch out your horse doesn’t run out of stamina or you’ll have to wait a while and slow down. As long as you end up in 6th place or better, you’ll get to continue racing and winning.


All the source code for it can be found here.

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